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6th June - 31st July 2011: Exhibited in the "Small Society Lab" at the Visual Research Centre, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Scotland. 6th - 30th September 2011: Solo exhibition at Foyer Gallery, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia as part of the IMPACT Conference and the Australian Print Council's "Month of Print". These interactive prints articulate experiences after the birth of my son. They take the viewer on a journey through the first sleep deprived months of fog and confusion to the clarity and confidence, which evolve as one comes to terms with their new situation. Ever conscious of those who have warned that I should treasure every moment because the “time goes so quickly” this work is about moments. Not specific moments, which are attached to individual memories and often captured in photography, but rather universal yet intimate moments, identified by many new parents. Each artwork is a handmade print which has been augmented with media content that can be delivered to your mobile phone.