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Burning the candle at both ends 

Just because I've submitted my PhD doesn't mean I've had time to rest of my laurels: 

Lately I’ve been really busy with TOTeM, working like crazy on 2 exhibitions: One where I’ve been  editing vides and audio for interactive plinths and mentoring MSc Product Design students in reinventing ideas surrounding the physicality of plinths in the gallery space. This is for a TOTeM exhibition I’m Seeing Things taking place in the 26th of October 2012. It’s part of a symposium we’re running on the internet of things, and to disseminate our research outcomes since TOTeM Is coming to an end. The worst of it is though, that it clashes with my PhD viva, so I won’t be able to attend  : (.  I get all the joy of organising and making, but none of the joy of experiencing the final outcome! *sigh* More info about the event is here.

The other exhibition I’ve been working on is  From the Western Arctic to the Bay of Bengal  for the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther . For this exhibition, the Dundee team are exhibiting the work we’ve been doing in Trout Lake with the Canadian First Nation Community, as well in India, Portugal and Scotland.. All three communities are based on fishing so the exhibition explores stories around cultural objects, artworks and fishing. We’re looking at how remote communities are bourght together through mobile tagging technologies and online social networking tools. The exhibition is on until the 13th of February 2013, and more information can be found on the Scottish Fisheries website.

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