Blogging as reflective practice

You are reading a blog that started off about art practice-based research charting
the journey of doing a phd. It explores alternative ways of using hand held devices
to create print-based interactive artworks using graphical tagging such as QR-codes.
Art, design, technology and craft were the main themes in writing. But life gets in the
way, and over this journey the story takes unexpected happy twists along the paths
of having a baby, going on a UK Digital Economy Sandpit, meeting fanstastic people,
and subsequent group success in funding for a large multidisciplinary research
project called TOTeM.

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Without Sin: Taboo and Freedom within Digital Media, Leonardo Electronic Almanac

I’ve had my paper Seductive Technologies and Inadvertent Voyeurs accepted in the Without Sin: Special Edition of Leonardo Electronic Alamanac. The final paper was submitted over Christmas and they like it. I’ve a few corrections to do, but was chuffed with the reviewer’s comment: “A good, tight, well-researched article, which lays out its methodology clearly and succinctly” They also want more images, which I like because it gives me the opportunity to have my artworks nicely printed in a glossy publication!

Its actually really good having complete strangers review your work to see it from an alternative perspective, especially after I have had my supervisors going through my work I kind of know how they think, so new eyes on my work is really refreshing!

To give you an idea of the what the paper is about, you can look at my abstract for it in the abstracts section of this website under Seductive Technologies